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Earn member shares by inviting your friends

As a platinum member, you'll benefit from referral bonuses when your friends join Money Dashboard. Share your member passes today to earn member shares while they last!

Earn member shares by inviting your friends

Each time a friend joins Money Dashboard using your link, you'll both get a stake in our business. Share your member passes while they're still available!

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1. Share your member passes

We’ll let your friends know how Money Dashboard helps over 200,000 people manage their finances safely and securely.

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You both get 10 member shares each after your friend gets connected on Money Dashboard

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As a platinum member, you're entitled to bonuses each time you bring a friend onto Money Dashboard


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Need help explaining what Money Dashboard does?

We understand convincing someone to join a service can be difficult which is why we’ve listed a couple of facts which will make the decision a no brainer for your friend.

What is Money Dashboard?

Money Dashboard's free money app and budget planner helps over 200,000 people save money, plan and achieve their financial goals. It's available across Android, iOS and Web and is packed with great tools to help people from all walks of life master their money.

Money Dashboard helps you save

Through our work with researchers at Harvard Business School and the University of Edinburgh we found that each login to Money Dashboard can be roughly equated to a £10 saving for an individual. Visibility and Control are key drivers to affect the way we approach our money!

Award winning application

Money Dashboard won the British Bank Award for Best Personal Finance App in 2017 and 2018 as voted for by consumers.

Regulated by the FCA

That’s right, the same organisation that regulates banks like HSBC, Santander and NatWest also regulates Money Dashboard. Money Dashboard is a designated Account Information Service Provider (AISP) authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 800652.

Be part of our future, for free

We’re passionate about achieving our mission to help millions of people lead happier, more successful lives by helping to create a more transparent and fair financial landscape. As our user base grows, so does our ability to generate revenue and therefore our ability to re-invest in creating even better tools that help people with their money! Cue the introduction of member shares...

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