Frequently asked questions

Check our FAQs for more information and if you still have questions, feel free to chat to us!

Why are you giving away Member Shares?

We would be nowhere without our dedicated community of users. To recognise your role in helping us grow, we want to give you a stake in our business. There's no better way to let you share in our success.

As you help us grow our community our data insights become even more valuable. This will turbo-charge our revenue growth. Simply put, the bigger our community the more valuable your founding member shares will become.

How can I get Member Shares?

Start by registering your name and email through this website to join the community. Once you’ve done so, we’ll give you a unique link to start sharing with your friends. For every friend who signs up with your link, we’ll give you both an allocation of member shares.

As you refer more friends, you’ll start to receive bigger rewards and build up your Member Share pot more quickly.

Is there a limit on the number of Member Shares I can earn?

No. There’s no limit on the number of people you can refer and therefore no limit on the Member Shares you can earn. Once the 1 million Member Shares are gone, that’s it - so it helps to be quick off the mark!

I want more Member Shares. Can I buy some?

Members Shares are not currently for sale as we have made a limited number available to be distributed fairly among our users.

What is Money Dashboard?

Our free, multi-award winning money app and budget planner helps over 200,000 save money, plan and achieve their financial goals. Available across Android, iOS and Web, it’s packed with great tools to help people from all walks of life get in control of their finances.

You can find it and create your free account here.

How does Money Dashboard make money?

Money Dashboard provides insight and market research services to help companies better understand trends in consumer behaviour. We identify shifts in consumer preferences using anonymised spending information from Money Dashboard users.

We have proven the real world value of anonymised insight into UK consumer spending habits, successfully selling insight to the world’s most successful asset managers.

This is how we drive revenue today and we want to share the rewards with you, our users.

How will you know if I have retained my member shares?

Your membership is attributed to the email address you use with Money Dashboard. We will use this information to determine whether you have met the terms for retaining your member shares (having an online account connected to Money Dashboard that is being refreshed).

If you were invited to become a member by Money Dashboard, your registered members email address is the one we contacted you from.