Frequently asked questions

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What happened to the member share campaign?

Member share rewards are no longer available for new friend referrals. You will continue to hold your qualifying member shares as long as you continue to meet the criteria.

How do I see how many member shares I have?

You can see all your member shares on your members portal.

What happens to my shares if I stop using Money Dashboard Classic? Or switch to using just Money Dashboard Neon?

You need to keep at least one bank account connected to either, Money Dashboard Classic or Money Dashboard Neon. If transitioning over to Neon you need to sign up to a new account using the same email address used on Classic.

Can my member shares expire or lapse?

You must have a bank account connected to Money Dashboard Classic, or Money Dashboard Neon. The account must have at least one transaction per month.

Can I transfer my shares to another person?

Your member shares are personal to you, and cannot be transferred to or inherited by a third party.

Do I earn Members' Shares if I refer a friend to Neon?

No, Money Dashboard Classic and Money Dashboard Neon are not linked together. Referring a friend across app will not qualify you for any shares or other rewards.

Does the Refer a Friend campaign on Neon relate to the Members Shares on Classic?

No, referral rewards and campaigns are specific to each app, and don’t cross over. To earn rewards for referring someone to Money Dashboard Neon, you must share using Money Dashboard Neon. Note that referral campaigns will differ, and may be subject to change.